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Founders District Trip Policies

Founders District trips are limited to YFU students and families living in the apprpiate areas.  Some trips are for a single state, and others are for the entire region.

High School-age host siblings may participate.  Host families may also participate, but must understand that tours are disigned for students.   These decisions will be made at least 60 days before departure.

Participating in District trips is a privilege. You have attended in post-arrival orientations and are aware of YFU rules and policies concerning student behavior. As such, now is the time for each of you to be making good decisions on how you choose to interact with your family, school and community. Only students in good standing with school, host family and YFU are allowed to participate in these tours.

Students who do not follow YFU rules during the trip and any additional rules set by Explore America will be returned to their host family at the student's expense.  These rules are simply the best way to keep a large group safe. Occasionally, chaperones are forced to “ground” students.

We encourage each of you to discuss the trips with your host family immediately.  Keep in mind that for some families the pickup/drop-off points may be a burden.  If a trip will work for your host family you must then get permission from your natural parents.  It is only after you have an agreement by natural and host parents that you should submit your deposit. You will then need to complete your other permission forms and send them to Explore America. This is YOUR responsibility.

YFU staff will review the list of students who wish to travel again shortly before departure. YFU reserves the right to remove a student from the trip at any time.  As stated earlier, your decisions on how you choose to behave in your family, school and community can affect your ability to travel with the group.

Every year we have students planning to go on a trip who do not submit deposits and forms in time.  We regret that each tour has only a limited number of spots, and those seats are filled on a first come-first serve basis.  In previous years the Washington trip was full before Christmas – almost 4 months before departure.  We encourage you to act quickly.


For trip information call YFUtrips.com, for any other YFU information, please call your local representative, or your district office.


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